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Solicitors in Mold

If you reside in Mold, Flintshire or other locations within North Wales, our legal services are conveniently accessible. Having represented clients in some of the UK’s most complex criminal trials over the last 200 years, our solicitors have extensive experience in providing support with the most demanding legal matters.

As a law firm, we are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales with registered SRA number 403619. With our accreditations, awards and professional memberships, we’re established, experienced and ready to tackle any case, no matter its size or intricacy.

With our solicitors in Mold, you are in safe and trusted hands for instances within a range of different legal sectors. We’re aware that selecting the right solicitor for your case can be tricky if you’re unsure what specific help you need. Recognising this confusion, we’ve provided a simple explanation of each service. In the upcoming sections. Trust Bell Lamb & Joynson for expert legal advice and services.


How We Can Assist You

At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we understand the difference it makes to feel heard. With the highest levels of sympathy and patience, we aim to fully grasp your case and focus our attention on achieving your desired outcome.

Since 1821, our legal services at Bell Lamb & Joynson have included a wide range of industries, such as Conveyancing, Motor and Road Traffic Law, Family Law, Wills and Probate, Criminal Law and Powers of Attorney.

Our trustworthy group of solicitors combines a wealth of knowledge with amiable qualities to offer our clients unmatched assistance, counsel, and direction. At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we do our best to encourage open conversation and honesty by creating a safe space.

Regardless of which office within the UK you visit, we ensure secure areas for those in need of specialised legal counsel. We welcome candid conversations about your situation and worries to thoroughly understand your needs. This then allows us to develop a customised strategy that is open and honest.

To get the best outcomes possible in every instance, we approach every circumstance with the utmost care and attention. Whether your inquiry is business-related or a personal matter, our professionals can provide efficient legal support.


Our Conveyancing Services in Mold

If you're in Mold, Flintshire or the surrounding areas and are looking for commercial or residential conveyancing, we have a team of conveyancing solicitors ready to help you. The world of conveyancing can be confusing and usually involves high volumes of paperwork. If you need support in buy-to-let, mortgages, sales, residential property transactions, property purchases and transfers, reach out to our Property Law professionals at Bell Lamb & Joynson.


Our Motor and Road Traffic Law Services in Mold

If you’re the victim of a road and traffic incident that was not your fault, a Motor and Road Traffic solicitor may be able to assist your case to achieve your desired outcome. Our experts at Bell Lamb & Joynson offer knowledgeable advice and assistance regarding Motor and Road traffic law. We are prepared to help you with a variety of problems, such as:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without insurance
  • Carelessly driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Dangerously driving


Our Family Law Services in Mold

In family situations requiring mediation, Bell Lamb & Joynson's legal experts provide empathetic guidance to help you live in harmony.

For couples and families in disputes, dealing with a relationship breakdown, divorce or experiencing separation with shared parenting responsibilities, you may benefit from our solicitors with expertise in Family Law. Our empathetic team helps simplify arrangements through legal structures like prenuptial agreements.

Whether it's child care, marriage, co-parenting, or other aspects of Child Law, our dedicated solicitors in Mold offer legal advice to facilitate resolutions for diverse family matters. If you're in doubt about whether this is the right service for you, contact us today.


Our Criminal Law Services in Mold

At Bell Lamb & Joynson we proudly maintain a persistent record as one of the most durable criminal defence experts in the whole North West region, including Bolton. Having accumulated decades of knowledge, our committed staff of Criminal Law specialists is on call 24/7 to help you get a reduced sentence, a not-guilty outcome, or even avoid criminal charges entirely.

Tackling a criminal case can be a challenging journey but with us on your side, you can relax knowing we are fighting for your best interests. Contact us today if your case concerns:

  • Fraud/serious fraud
  • Drug offences
  • Public order offences
  • Theft, shoplifting, robbery and burglary
  • ABH, GBH assault, and battery
  • Sexual offences
  • Rape offences


Our Powers of Attorney Services in Mold

If you need legal advice designating a reliable decision-maker for your future, our Powers of Attorney solicitors, at Bell Lamb & Joynson, are here to help you take control of your life wishes. We offer tailored documents, transparent fixed costs and cost-effective legal advice.


Our Wills and Probate Services in Mold

The process of creating a Will is essential, yet many people fail to do so. At Bell Lamb & Joynson, our skilled Wills and Probate solicitors will compassionately simplify the process for you.

By creating a Will, you may safeguard your assets, ease the burden on those closest to you, and prevent conflicts from arising after your passing. Taking these legal matters into your own hands can be challenging and we are here to streamline this process for you.


Our Solicitors in Mold Are Ready to Help

Embracing the distinction of being acclaimed solicitors, Bell Lamb & Joynson stands proudly as an award-winning legal firm with a longstanding legacy of excellence spanning various legal domains.

Our dedication to our clients is resolute, as we consistently support numerous individuals across diverse facets of the law. Trusted throughout the UK, Bell Lamb & Joynson garners ongoing endorsements from both past and present clients. The abundance of five-star reviews from our satisfied clients serves as a testament to the exceptional quality of service that we offer.

If you are based in Mold or the surrounding areas of North East Wales and require our support, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Bell Lamb & Joynson. Whether you are certain of the support you require or need more assistance with our solicitors Mold services, we are here to help.

You can contact a member of our efficient team and book an appointment at our Mold office by emailing or giving us a call at 0344 412 4348. For criminal matters beyond office hours, please dial 0808 196 1790 or use our convenient around-the-clock web chat service.