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Solicitors in Fleetwood

Bell Lamb & Joynson offer specialist law services across Fleetwood, Lancashire. Our dedicated team understand how difficult it can be to find a reliable solicitors firm near you. Thanks to our loyal customers, we’ve been able to expand our services to an array of locations in the UK.

Our team consists of ambitious and highly trained professionals who have years of experience and knowledge within the industry. We spend time getting to know our clients and their circumstances, which allows us to work on their cases most efficiently. It’s vital that you find a team of hard-working individuals to handle your case; you can trust us to do that here at Bell Lamb & Joynson.


How Can We Help Fleetwood Clients?

From Criminal Law to Commercial Litigation, we offer a wide array of services to clients. If you reside in Fleetwood or beyond and need a friendly team of solicitors to handle your case, you’ll be glad to know that we can help.

Having first established in 1821, Bell Lamb & Joynson have been dedicated to helping clients from up and down the country for over 200 years. We know the difficulties people face when it comes to finding a solicitor to work with; we build close-knit relationships with clients and remain on hand at all times to answer any ongoing questions or concerns.

Our clients are our top priority. We put in our all to achieve the best results possible and work hard on our client's behalf. Both past and present clients have praised our professionalism. You can expect quality services like no other when you choose Bell Lamb & Joynson.


Our Expert Criminal Law Services

Criminal Law can be challenging to deal with. We’ve taken on some of the most tedious cases, but there’s nothing our team can’t handle. Regardless of the type of case you’re faced with, we will help. Our team has dealt with rape, theft, robbery and fraud to name a few. You can trust your case to be handled with the utmost respect.

It’s important for us to break down each case we deal with. We encourage our clients to talk openly about their traumas; we want our offices to be a safe space for all individuals to express their emotions in a safe and secure environment.


Our Expert Wills and Probate Services

Wills and Probate aren’t often prioritised. At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we urge potential Fleetwood clients to consider creating a Will as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s around the corner; if a fatality ever occurs unexpectedly, having a will in place is more than beneficial.

We will equip you with all the relevant information necessary, and stay by your side throughout the whole process. In some cases, failure to complete a Will means your belongings will be dealt with in ways you might not approve of.


Our Expert Conveyancing Services

If you’re seeking expert Conveyancing services in the Fleetwood area, get in touch with us today. We offer services that are second to none, continuously looking for ways to improve our existing services. Our aim is to assist clients in need of Conveyancing services.

Striving for excellence at all times, we work alongside clients who are dealing with remortgages and deeds of trust to name a few. Offering support and guidance, we give you all the relevant advice in regard to Conveyancing and utilise our skills to help you deal with the property market effectively.


Our Expert Family Law Services

Family means everything, and we understand that first-hand here at Bell Lamb & Joynson. Our team of kind and caring team members will help you process your case, acting as a support system in times of need. We have worked with a plethora of different families from various locations within the UK.

The best first step to take when disputing with family members is to get in touch with a group of professionals who can assist you. We aim for positive outcomes, even when families don’t think it’s possible to come to a resolution. Relationship breakdowns, divorce, adoption cases, grandparents' rights and consent orders are a handful of issues we can help with.


Our Expert Powers of Attorney Services

Our local solicitors are here to help you choose a trusted Power of Attorney. There’s no doubt that we’ve all spent time worrying about the future at some point. Although it’s difficult to think about, the future isn't guaranteed for us all. If anything were to happen to you, do you have someone to handle your finances and assets in the best way?

It’s essential that you spend time choosing someone you trust to handle your affairs if you’re ever unable to do it yourself. The process is relatively straightforward; we can help with each step and assist you in making all important decisions.


Our Expert Commercial Litigation Services

If you need to take legal action against another business, you could benefit greatly from our quality Commercial Litigation services. It’s stressful disputing at work, especially if it’s been ongoing for some time now. We work with you to come up with the best possible solution.

Talking with a legal expert is most beneficial, and comes with many advantages. You’ll have access to advice and guidance when necessary; we act in real-time and begin working on your case straight away.


Our Expert Personal Injury Services

Enduring a Personal Injury is exhausting, even more so when it wasn't your fault. Having an injury often means you have to miss out on social time. Most of the time, people have to take time off work and restrict themselves completely in order to heal.

It’s both upsetting and stressful when an injury happens, and it can be hard knowing where to turn for help. Our team encourage you to talk through your injury and how you feel; we later assess the situation and find out whether or not you could be entitled to something.


Our Expert Motor and Road Traffic Law Services

Losing access to your licence is one of the biggest inconveniences, especially if you rely on your vehicle for work purposes. Having a car, van or motorbike gives you ultimate freedom, allowing you to travel with ease to the places you need to be.

When you get caught up with the authorities and are at risk of having your driving licence taken from you, it’s important to get some legal advice. We equip our clients with everything they need to know prior to their court hearings and remain by their side. Our highly trained solicitors have been hugely successful in the past, helping clients deal with Motor and Road Traffic Law offences.


Talk with Our Fleetwood Solicitors Today

If you’re based in Fleetwood/ the Fylde Coast and looking for solicitors local to you, look no further than Bell Lamb & Joynson. We provide efficient legal services and can be here for you in times of need. We make a promise to try and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by previous clients; we have many five-star reviews that are a testament to our dedication. If you’d like to find out more information from a member of our team, please feel free to call us today on 0344 412 4348.