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Solicitors in Bootle

We’re here to proudly serve Bootle residents. Our expert team here at Bell Lamb & Joynson are on hand to take care of your issues by providing excellent services. We offer advice, guidance and support to our clients. No matter the problem you’re facing, we promise to do our best to deal with your case.

Our law firm is like no other - our local solicitors in Bootle are ready and waiting to assist you. If you live in Bootle and require top-quality services, our team will be able to help.

How We Can Help You

Our team work tirelessly to ensure our clients are provided with the best services possible. We make it our aim to help clients move forward with their cases, with a positive result in mind at all times. We provide a plethora of specialist services regarding Criminal Law, Wills & Probate, Motor & Road Traffic Law, Family Law, Conveyancing, Powers of Attorney, Commercial Litigation and Personal Injury.

It can prove to be challenging to find reliable solicitors to look after you. You can rest assured that Bell Lamb & Joynson are ambitious, hardworking and dedicated to the job they do. There’s no other firm quite like us - with over 200 years worth of knowledge and experience, you can expect the highest level of service from us.


Criminal Law

Our team of specialists deal with an array of issues regarding Criminal Law. No matter where you’re based in or around Bootle, you can expect the most exceptional Criminal Law service. Our team works hard to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with their experience with us.

We understand first-hand just how difficult it can be to talk openly about issues to do with Criminal Law. Whether it be rape, assault, battery, drug offences or fraudulent behaviour, our professional solicitors will be able to guide you in the right direction and help with your case.


Wills and Probate

Organising Wills & Probate can be daunting. Our Bootle-based solicitors assist you in organising your Will by helping you choose who to leave your assets to. Dealing with financial affairs is tedious, especially when the topic of death is involved. For all your Wills & Probate services, look no further than Bell Lamb & Joynson.



Our Conveyancing solicitors have an extensive amount of knowledge, making our team the go-to solicitors in the Bootle area. Navigating the property market in Bootle might be challenging for some, which is why we’re here to help.
We take on clients looking for assistance in remortgages, equity transfers, joint ownership tenants and deeds of trust to name a few.


Family Law

Arguing with family members isn’t ideal, especially when there are young children involved. No matter how difficult your Family Law case might seem, we want families in Bootle to know that we are here to help. Falling out with loved ones comes with many problems, which is why it’s best to resolve them sooner than later.

Our team utilise their skill set to ensure all parties involved get the outcome they deserve. We’ve dealt with breakups, divorce, grandparents' rights, domestic abuse and adoption. If you’re a family in Bootle, you can expect the most efficient Family Law services from us here at Bell Lamb & Joynson.


Powers of Attorney

Choosing a trusted Power of Attorney can be difficult. When we’re no longer able to make decisions for ourselves, it’s essential to choose someone to do it for us. We sit down with our clients and talk through the process of choosing a Power of Attorney, ensuring that they understand each aspect. The future is a daunting palace, but knowing you’ve chosen a reliable and trustworthy person to handle your affairs will give you the most relief.


Commercial Litigation

Disputing at work is never easy to endure. Our Commercial Litigation solicitors are here to handle your case and help with all litigation matters. We’re dedicated to helping individuals from across the country, including those from Bootle.


Personal Injury

Being subject to Personal Injury often comes with an array of disadvantages. Not only does having an injury stop you from doing the things you love, but it also puts your life on hold until you get better. Regardless of where your accident took place, whether it be on holiday or at work, you can trust our team to help you.

We work together with our clients to find out if you’re entitled to something, such as a claim. Although not all Personal Injury cases get the outcome they deserve, you can rest assured that the Bell Lamb & Joynson team will put in their best effort to gain the most beneficial outcome.


Motor and Road Traffic Law

Our Motor & Road Traffic Law solicitors are on hand to help deal with your case. If you’ve recently been told you might lose your license due to how you’ve behaved on the road, we suggest that you get in touch with our team today.

Keeping hold of your license is incredibly important. Whether you need to be able to drive so you can get to work or so you can enjoy the freedom that comes with having a license, it’s essential that you get the right advice and guidance before attending your court hearing for a chance to stay on the road.


Contact Our Solicitors in Bootle Today

Our local Bootle solicitors are here to help. Our team are ambitious and driven, continuously looking for ways to better their already excellent service. There’s a reason why Bell Lamb & Joynson receive so many five-star reviews from both past and previous clients - we offer a wide range of services that are second to none. To find out more, contact a member of our team directly at