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Solicitors in Marple

Bell Lamb & Joynson offer specialist legal advice for Marple residents. If you live in Marple and need expert advice, guidance and support, you’ll be glad to know that our professional team can help. It can be difficult to put your trust in someone and let them handle your affairs; at Bell Lamb & Joynson, we create close-knit relationships with clients to ensure they’re getting the best service possible.

When you need legal services that are second to none, you’ll be glad to know that Bell Lamb & Joynson can assist you. We care deeply about our clients and aim for positive results. We’ve been in the industry for over 200 years, and our firm has all the relevant experience and knowledge to take on your case, no matter how tedious your issues might be.


Our Expert Legal Services in Marple

Our services are like no other; Bell Lamb & Joynson first opened their doors back in 1821, meaning we have a wealth of industry experience under our belts. From Family Law to Conveyancing, we deal with all aspects of law.

We want our clients to feel comfortable whilst they’re with us; our team are friendly, kind and considerate. We spend time getting to know each client, which enables us to deal with their case in the most efficient way possible. Having worked with various people from all walks of life, you can trust us to handle your case regardless of your circumstances.


Helping with Family Law

Family is everything. We understand that first-hand here at Bell Lamb & Joynson. It’s important to deal with family affairs as soon as possible before things start to escalate. Although disputing with family members isn’t pleasant, it’s best to talk with legal professionals to get some advice.

We’ve successfully dealt with cases regarding grandparent's rights, divorce, care proceedings, domestic abuse and relationship breakdowns to name a few. If you’re a family from Marple, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Helping with Criminal Law

Specialists should handle all parts of Criminal Law. If either you or someone you know has recently been arrested or prosecuted for a criminal offence, the best course of action is to get in touch with a team of legal advisers, such as ourselves. Bell Lamb & Joynson are one of the oldest and most experienced criminal defence solicitors in North West England.

We all have legal rights; no matter the severity of our offence. It can be both frightening and upsetting to be faced with criminal charges or prosecution. Our team have dealt with rape cases, fraudulent behaviour, theft, assault, battery, robbery, shoplifting and white-collar crime in the past.


Helping with Personal Injury

Our team deals with all types of accidents, including accidents at work, car accidents, pavement trips and more. Each case regarding Personal Injury is handled by highly qualified specialists; we can guarantee that for the duration of your time with us, your case will be dealt with in the best way. Anyone whose been involved in an accident will be offered a free consultation.

It’s never easy enduring an injury, especially if it’s affected both your work and personal life massively. Our team are considerate and respectful; we want to help our clients and ensure they’re fully satisfied with our Personal Injury services.


Helping with Powers of Attorney

We can all be a little forgetful, but what if that forgetfulness becomes something more serious in the near future? The future can be a scary, daunting palace; organising your affairs is the best thing you can do before it’s too late. We are here to help Marple locals with all of their Powers of Attorney needs.

We can create bespoke documents that record your wishes in great detail, as well as offer advice on how to be a great attorney. Our offices are a safe space for you to open up about your worries; you can speak to our team about anything, and we are always here to listen. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information that you need, whilst remaining on hand at all times to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Helping with Wills and Probate

Bell Lamb & Joynson has been helping individuals plan for the future for over two decades. Making a Will is vital, but many people put off doing it. We can't stress enough how important it is to have a Will in place. Creating a Will is often seen as a lengthy, intimidating process, but it’s not. You can expect bespoke advice from our skilled Wills and Probate solicitors.

If you fail to create a Will, your financial affairs might be dealt with in ways that you don’t approve of. It's best to organise your assets now whilst you can in case anything goes wrong. Having a Will gives you a sense of security knowing your belongings are going to the people you love.


Helping with Motor and Road Traffic Law

For some of us, our driving licence is priceless. Road traffic offences can be complex, so seeking legal advice is crucial. We offer the best advice and support, whilst representing our clients in court. In some cases, we’ve been able to prevent endorsement of a licence and disqualification from driving. Our efforts have seen great results for clients; which gives you even more reason to choose Bell Lamb & Joynson for Motor and Road Traffic Law if you live in or around Marple.


Helping with Conveyancing

Our team of trained solicitors is ready and waiting to help make your property dreams come true. Here at Bell Lamb & Joynson, our team consists of highly experienced solicitors who deal with all aspects of Conveyancing across both England and Wales. We’re an award-winning team that prioritises clients at all times.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upsize or downsize your existing property, you’ll be glad to know that we can help. Specialising in all kinds of residential property transactions, such as property sales, remortgages and transfers, we can help you with your property-related needs.


How Can We Assist Marple Clients?

It’s not just our age that makes us stand out amongst other solicitors. We’re a unique firm that provides some of the best services. We’re continuously recommended by past and previous clients; each year, we’re given many five-star reviews and excellent feedback. Our hard work and dedication are apparent in our team, who are driven by success.

Having been in business for some time, it’s safe to say that we can provide you with everything you need to tackle your legal challenges. We work with individuals seeking legal help, as well as businesses in need of our services. If you’re trying to find a reliable, trustworthy solicitor to work alongside in Marple, Stockport, contact a member of our team today via email at We look forward to hearing from you soon.