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Solicitors in Crewe

Our reliable and hard-working solicitors in Crewe are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Here at Bell Lamb & Joynson, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind us - over 200 years, to be exact. With two decades' worth of wisdom under our belts, it’s clear to see why people continue to choose us to handle their legal issues.

Having first opened our doors in 1821, we’ve been able to continuously grow our client base and offer our services in an array of locations across the UK. It can be challenging to try to find an ambitious soliciting firm to assist you with legalities, but not when Bell Lamb & Joynson are here to help.


How We Can Help You

We consist of a specialist team that remains on hand at all times to answer any ongoing questions or concerns regarding your case. We dedicate time and effort to making sure you’re provided with the most efficient service - continuously looking for ways to improve our already perfected law skills.

If you’re located in Crewe or the surrounding areas, you’ll be glad to know that we’ll be able to help you. Over the years, we’ve dealt with many issues regarding all aspects of law, including Criminal Law, Wills & Probate, Motor & Road Traffic Law, Family Law, Conveyancing and Powers of Attorney.


Criminal Law

We understand how difficult it can be to open up to people you’ve never met before. Our team is made up of hard-working, friendly and caring individuals who are passionate about helping their clients. Rest assured, you’ll be provided with the best Criminal Law-related advice from our solicitors.

We’ve successfully dealt with rape cases, fraudulent behaviour, drug offences, battery and assault to name a few. Sharing traumas is challenging, but with our help, we’ll be able to deal with your case in the most effective way.


Wills and Probate

Dealing with Wills & Probate might seem tedious, but we reassure you that organising your affairs provides you with peace of mind and reassurance. Our expert Crewe-based team is on hand to assist you in creating a Will. We talk you through the process of creating a Will, helping you make vital decisions on who you should leave your assets to.

It might feel like a huge task that you need to complete, but dealing with Wills & Probate allows you to transition into the future knowing your belongings will be left to the people you love.



At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we specialise in Conveyancing services like no other. We recommend speaking with one of our trained Conveyancing solicitors when it comes to dealing with property-related matters. It can be tough navigating the property market alone, which is why we are here to help.

Our team provides services regarding remortgages, deeds of trust, equity transfers, joint ownership tenants and more. You can expect the highest level of attention when you work with us - we continue to aim to provide the most effective Conveyancing service in Crewe.


Family Law

Disputing can be lengthy and time-consuming, often resulting in anxiety and stress for all parties involved. Whether you’re arguing with close relatives or dealing with family-related issues, you can rest assured that our team of handy Family Law solicitors will be able to assist you and guide you in the right direction.

Not knowing where to turn when you fall out with family members is common, but not to worry - we can deal with your issues together. We utilise our extensive knowledge of Family Law and strive for a positive result regarding your case. Sorting out family issues is essential, especially if a child is involved.

Divorce, separation, grandparent's rights, adoption cases, domestic abuse and cases involving social services can be dealt with efficiently by our caring team. Our offices provide an open space where we encourage individuals to talk about their family matters.


Powers of Attorney

Unfortunately, a bright and promising future isn't guaranteed for all of us. It can cause anxiety thinking about the future in general, even more so if you know that you won’t be here. Choosing a trusted Power of Attorney is vital if you don’t believe that you’ll be able to make important decisions independently.

We ensure that each of our clients is aware of the decisions they make and help them choose the right person to handle their affairs. Whilst dealing with clients organising Powers of Attorney, we expect emotions to be on the rise. No matter how you’re feeling, you can trust our team members to brighten your day and assist you where necessary.


Motor and Road Traffic Law

Keeping hold of your licence is essential for most individuals. Not only does having access to a vehicle allow you to get where you need to be, but it also allows you the freedom to go wherever you want.

Without a licence or vehicle, you’ll no longer be able to have the freedom you once had. We work with people who have been involved in Motor and Road Traffic Law-related offences, improving their understanding of the legal process ahead of them and supporting them throughout their court proceedings.


Contact Our Solicitors in Crewe Today

Our law firm provides assistance second to none. If you reside in the Crewe area and want to find out more about our expert law services, feel free to contact our expert team today via email at We look forward to hearing from you.