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Solicitors in Burscough

Bell Lamb & Joynson were established in 1821 and have over 200 years of experience, making our team of professional solicitors the best in Burscough.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what Bell Lamb & Joynson do and how we can help you, continue reading to gain insight into the services we can provide to those in Burscough and neighbouring towns.


How We Can Help You

Specialising in Powers of Attorney, Wills and Probate, Family Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Litigation, Motor and Road Traffic Law, Conveyancing and Personal Injury, Bell Lamb & Joynson can deal with an array of financial issues.

Whether you’re a future client or returning to us for a second time, we always aim to achieve the best results possible whilst obtaining a high-quality service.

Read on to find out more information about the services we can assist you with, how we can provide legal aid and how having our experts at hand could be beneficial.


Criminal Law

Being one of the oldest criminal defence solicitors in the North-West, Bell Lamb & Joynson will be able to help those living in Burscough and surrounding areas such as Ormskirk, no matter the circumstances.

Regardless of how serious your issue is, our team of experts will handle all client cases with professionalism and respect, all whilst working towards the best result. We can assist with a variety of criminal law matters including the following:

  • Drug offences
  • Public order offences
  • Battery
  • Assault
  • Rape and sexual offences
  • Shoplifting, robbery, theft and burglary crime
  • Drug offences


Wills and Probate

At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we encourage our clients to prioritise making a Will. Not only is it important to make a Will, but it’s also important to have expert advice at hand to help throughout the process. It can be easy to put off arranging Wills and Probate, but with our expert advice and services, you’ll be glad that you came to Bell Lamb & Joynson to get it sorted.

It can be an upsetting, difficult time arranging a Will, so why not let our team of professionals help you out and take some of the stress away? We support all our clients no matter the circumstances, whether it’s making your Will or handling probate, we are here to guide you through.



Our Conveyancing solicitors are highly experienced and ready to help those based in Burscough. It can be daunting to buy or sell your home, as well as being one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll need to make.

By combining our skills, our team can make the stress that comes with buying a home a little easier. Other various conveyancing services that Bell Lamb & Joynson provide are:

  • Remortgages
  • Equity transfers
  • Conveyancing for first-time buyers
  • Leasehold conveyancing, including lease extensions and collective enfranchisement
  • Deeds of gift
  • Deeds of trust
  • Conveyancing for high-net-worth individuals
  • Buy-to-let conveyancing and property investments


Family Law

Bell Lamb & Joynson have been helping families for 200 years. We know how important family is, which is why we want to give the best service we possibly can when it comes to family law. Whether you need some advice or have a family issue, our experienced team can help. We approach family law-related issues with sensitivity and friendliness, acting as a form of support.

We can assist with a wide range of services including relationship breakdowns, divorce, care proceedings, adoption, domestic abuse cases, couples who are about to move in together, civil partnerships, co-parenting and more.


Powers of Attorney

If your health is declining or you’re worried about the uncertainty of the future in general, arranging a Powers of Attorney could be in your best interest. We make each step of organising a Power of Attorney as simple and stress-free as possible, offering advice and support.

At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we will give guidance to allow you to make the best decision possible for both you and your family. Although it can be a sensitive time, we make a promise to help make deciding a Power of Attorney as simple as it can be.


Commercial Litigation

We have specialist solicitors at Bell Lamb & Joynson who are dedicated to our clients who require help when it comes to commercial litigation. We cover areas such as Construction disputes, Debt Recovery, Insolvency, Financial Mis-Selling and Professional Negligence.

We are proud to be able to support those living and working in Burscough. We know how much frustration and stress disputes can cause, which is why we encourage our clients to let us take care of things for them.


Personal Injury

By taking the correct steps, our solicitors can find out what you’re entitled to. Whether it be compensation or an apology, we try our best to get the best results for our clients.

Whether your Personal Injury accident happened abroad, at work or on the side of the road, our team will be able to aid you through the process.


Motor and Road Traffic Law

Our driving offence solicitors always aim for the best outcome possible. The last thing you want is for your licence to be at risk, which is why we want to help our clients in Burscough who are faced with Motor and Road Traffic Law allegations.

If you’ve been driving for some time, it can prove difficult if you have your licence taken from you - especially if you rely on your car massively. If you want to find out more about how we can help with your infringements, contact a member of our team today.


Contact our Solicitors in Burscough Today

With excellent client ratings and positive reviews maintained, Bell Lamb & Joynson are proud winners of numerous awards. If you live local to Burscough, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today - we always look forward to gaining new clients and helping them with their requirements.

You can call us on 03444 124348 or email us at If you need help outside office hours, we have a webchat available on our site as well as an emergency telephone number for urgent criminal matters - 0808 196 1790.