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Solicitors in Atherton

If you’re looking for reliable, hard-working solicitors in Atherton, Greater Manchester, England, then look no further than Bell Lamb & Joynson. Having provided professional services and advice for over 200 years, we’ve been able to maintain our reputation and status within the top 20% of legal aid providers in the UK.

With an extensive list of excellent ratings from past clients, there’s no doubt that we’ve been able to deliver great results to those that come to us for help. At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority - this means we work hard to stay in compliance with set rules and regulations.

Having worked alongside people all across the country, we’re widening our expertise and services to those living in Atherton. If you do live locally in Atherton and need us to assist you with your financial issues, continue reading and take a few minutes to find out what services we could help with.


What We Can Help With

With vast experience and knowledge in a variety of law-related issues, our team of experts are able to help with Criminal Law, Personal injury, Conveyancing, Commercial Litigation, Motor and Road Traffic Law, Wills and Probate, Family Law and Powers of Attorney.

No matter what time of day it is, we’re able to answer your questions and queries regarding your issues. If you live locally in Atherton and surrounding areas, continue reading to find out more about what we can help you with.


Criminal Law

We’ve assisted our clients with assault, battery, robbery, fraudulent behaviour, drug-related offences and sexual offences to name a few. Dealing with criminal law-related issues can be hard, which is why our team are here to make it all that much easier.

Handling every situation with respect and confidentiality, our team can help you with the issues that you’re being faced with whilst being a form of support. We understand how hard it can be to talk about the things that you’ve experienced or been through, which is why we do our best to create an open, safe space.


Wills and Probate

Having a close friend or family member pass away can be detrimental to your mental health - we understand and take into consideration how upsetting it is to lose a loved one.

When someone passes away, there's no surprise that people don’t want to face the legal requirements that need to take place afterwards. Talking openly about your feelings is something we welcome at Bell Lamb & Joynson, so don’t be worried about expressing your emotions whilst we deal with your Wills and Probate.

Our team is here to make the grieving process a little easier, and with a team of friendly individuals, we’re certain that dealing with Wills and Probate won’t be as tedious as you may think. We advise all our customers to deal with the financial side of things as soon as possible, no matter how much you want to put it off.



Dealing with anything property-related can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time buying or selling a house. Having a team of experts to hand can help make the process a whole lot easier, which is why we recommend you reach out to us here at Bell Lamb & Joynson.

If you’re from Atherton and need expert advice or services, look no further than Bell Lamb & Joynson. Our team are committed to dealing with Conveyancing issues, having helped multiple customers with their problems regarding properties.

With experience in all aspects of Conveyancing, we can help with the following services:

  • Remortgages
  • Giving property (Deeds of Gift)
  • Shared ownership transactions
  • Advice about tenants
  • Equity transfers
  • Selling or buying properties
  • Lease extensions
  • Collective enfranchisements


Family Law

Bell Lamb & Joynson has been providing legal aid since 1812, meaning we’re one of the best in the industry. We have a vast amount of experience in helping families all across the country - we strive for great results and want the most positive outcome for everyone involved in family disputes.

Disputes can be difficult for families to go through, even more so when there are children involved. Whether it’s a divorce solicitor you need, or an expert to help guide you through an array of other family-law-related problems, you can rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. A select few of the services we provide are:

  • Divorce
  • Consent orders
  • Care orders
  • Adoption
  • Dissolution
  • Marriage issues
  • Relationship and family breakdowns
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Grandparent's rights
  • Discharge of care orders
  • Special guardianship


Powers of Attorney

We all want a bright future, but for some people that isn’t promised. It can be hard to process being told that you might not be able to take care of your finances as you get older - having a special person in place to take care of things for you could help make everything a little easier.

We collaboratively work together to make sure you make all the right decisions when it comes to Powers of Attorney. Using our extensive skillsets, we run through everything you need to know before deciding on a rightful Power of Attorney.

Continuing your life knowing that one day everything will be taken care of by someone you trust can give you a feeling of security. Bell Lamb & Joynson can help and support you in your decision-making, whilst maintaining professionalism.


Commercial Litigation

With a team of specialist solicitors who are dedicated to Commercial Litigation, we’re able to deal with Professional negligence, Financial Mis-Selling, Debt Recovery, Insolvency, disputes at work and ongoing money settlement or fees.

Our law solicitors can be of assistance in the duration of disputes, guiding you through your Commercial Litigation-related problems. Dealing with disputes can cause unwanted stress, so why not let our team take some of that off your hands?


Personal Injury

Being involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault can be upsetting. Whether it’s an accident that’s taken place during employment, on the roadside or on holiday abroad; Bell Lamb & Joynson are here to help.

Accidents in general can be an inconvenience, especially when they leave you feeling useless and unproductive for days due to injury. Once we gain all the relevant information and details regarding your Personal Injury, we’ll be able to take the necessary steps to get your claims in order.


Motor and Road Traffic Law

Having your license taken from you can create some issues, even more so when you need your vehicle to get to and from work. It’s crucial that you stick to the laws of the road, but when things go wrong and things happen, it can be difficult to know what step to take next.

We deal with a variety of road infringements, aiming for the most positive outcome for our customers. With years of experience dealing with Motor and Road Traffic Law, we’re sure that our team will be able to make the process as easy as possible. We can act as a representative in court, giving you the information you might need to know beforehand.


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Bell Lamb & Joynson is highly regarded in the soliciting industry, having provided excellent service up and down the country for over 200 years. We welcome you to explore the rest of our website to find out more information about what we’ve accomplished in the past.

Our firm is ranked number one by Review Solicitor, a well-known client review site. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about an enquiry, please call us on 03444 124348.