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Solicitors in Knutsford

With over 200 years of experience, Bell Lamb & Joynson has been operating since 1812, serving people up and down the country. Based in the UK, we have a team of professionals ready and waiting to help you with your law-related issues.

Offering an array of law services, we’ve been working hard to stay maintain our position within the top 20% of legal aid providers, which has turned out successful. Our clients have returned to us for all of their legal requirements, meaning we’ve obtained several top ratings.

Having recently expanded our services to different areas, we’re looking forward to helping those local to Knutsford. If you do live in Knutsford and would like some more insight into what our solicitors can offer, continue reading.


How We Can Help

Whether it’s Criminal Law, Conveyancing, Wills and Probate, Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Motor and Road Traffic Law, Powers of Attorney or Personal Injury that you need assistance dealing with, be sure to reach out to a member of our team for help.

Having won numerous awards and staying compliant with strict rules and regulations, there’s no doubt that we can deliver the results that our clients are after. Knowing what to do in situations that require legal advice can be tedious - that’s exactly why our team are here.


Criminal Law

At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we are committed to providing top-quality services to the residents of Knutsford. We completely understand how difficult it can be to deal with criminal law-related issues, let alone speak about them to someone you don’t know.

We can assure our potential clients that speaking openly about your issues can be extremely beneficial and help us strive for the best possible outcome regarding the situation. Our team are both respectful and understanding, acting as a support mechanism throughout the whole process.

Whether it’s sexual offences, fraud, drug-related issues, robbery, assault, theft, shoplifting or rape cases, we’re ready to tackle any situation, regardless of what it is. You can rest assured that our team will be able to assist you accordingly.


Wills and Probate

Undoubtedly, dealing with grief can be a long, hard process. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a loved one, which is why we understand that dealing with Wills and Probate can be put on hold for a lot of people. Dealing with financial affairs isn’t the first thing you think about once a loved one has passed, but once you get it sorted you’ll feel relieved.

It’s great to stay organised in times of chaos and upset, which is why we encourage our clients to deal with financial affairs regarding passed family members as soon as possible. At Bell Lamb & Joynson, our team can offer support and be a shoulder to cry on through your grief.



Whether you live in Knutsford or surrounding areas in Cheshire, the team at Bell Lamb & Joynson is ready to help you with any conveyancing issues. When it comes to purchasing, selling or looking for a property, there’s no doubt it can take its toll and cause some unnecessary stress.

Whether it’s a residential property you’re selling or you’re just thinking of moving into another house, having professional legal aid to hand during your journey of all things property-related will help you make the best decisions.

Remortgages, transfers, buying or selling leasehold properties, buy-to-let property investments and deeds of trust are a handful of things that we can deal with. If you’re a landlord or just simply trying to understand the challenges that come with the property ladder, contact us today.


Family Law

Family is important, and it’s never nice getting into a dispute. We have an understanding of the stress and inconvenience that comes with family problems, which is why our team will have a kind and friendly manner at all times. Although all family problems can be hard to go through, we know that there’s added pressure to get things sorted when there are children involved.

Our aim is that all parties involved come to a reasonable dispute resolution, moving forward positively after the situation has been dealt with. Our team dedicate itself to getting the best results for all our clients. If you’re facing family-related issues ad live in Knutsford, you’ll be glad to know that we can assist with the following family law services:

  • Abuse
  • Grandparents rights
  • Adoption
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Separation
  • Co-parenting
  • Civil partnerships
  • Care proceedings


Powers of Attorney

Although the future seems bright for many people, some of us struggle with the concept of it. If you’re uncertain about your future, it can add worry and anxiety to your life. For many people, a future isn’t always promised - whether it’s an illness or deteriorating health causing your future to be damaged, everyone should have a Power of Attorney in place.

Thinking about the worst-case scenario can be daunting, but knowing that if anything happens you have a trusted family member or friend to take care of your financial affairs could help. Having provided excellent service for well over a decade, dealing with Powers of Attorney is part of our team's everyday practice.


Commercial Litigation

Look no further than Bell Lamb & Joynson for help regarding Commercial Litigation. Whether it be Debt Recovery, Insolvency, Professional Negligence claims, Construction disputes, Financial Mis-Selling or Litigation in general, our expertise and knowledge can come into play whilst we help you through your issues.

Our goal is to handle all matters fairly, whilst striving for the most positive result. Our firm is ranked number one by Review Solicitor, meaning we’ve obtained happy clients and gotten great results since we first began operating.


Personal Injury

Our experienced personal injury solicitors have dealt with numerous cases regarding injuries that have taken place that weren’t your fault. Accidents are prone to happen, but when an accident happens at work, on the roadside or whilst you’re driving, it can be hard to process.

Knowing what to do when you trip, crash or fall can be confusing - this is where Bell Lamb & Joynson step in. Whether you were at work in your corporate office job or walking alongside the road, Personal Injury can happen anywhere.

We combine our knowledge to make sure we can get the best outcome possible for you. If it's a payment or a simple apology that you’re after, we work together to conclude what’s going to happen after the injury has taken place.


Motor and Road Traffic Law

In most cases of Motor and Road Traffic Law issues that we’ve dealt with, we’ve won multiple court cases. Thanks to our team's hard work and professionalism, we’ve been able to represent and provide the best advice before court hearings. A car can be someone's lifeline, so having to learn to live without a vehicle could be a hard pill to swallow.

With the main goal of preventing traffic offences, our team can support you regarding Motor and Road Traffic Law and give out all the relevant information that you might need to know before going to court. If you live in Knutsford and you’ve found yourself facing issues relating to the road, be sure to get a free consultation today.


Contact our Solicitors in Knutsford Today

If you’re from Knutsford and need legal advice, contact us at 03444 124348. If you’d prefer to email a member of our team, you can reach us at We’re happy to talk through our services and give any advice or information that’s needed.

Across three locations in the North-West, we’re ranked number one. We always look forward to meeting with new, potential clients and seeing how we can help them. For a free quote, reach out to us today.