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Solicitors in Oldham

Established in 1821, Bell Lamb & Joynson has been at the forefront of legal expertise for over two centuries, serving clients in Oldham, Greater Manchester and across the UK with unbeatable devotion and transparency.

Recognising the sensitive emotional complexities of legal matters, we tackle each case with the perfect blend of empathy and skill. Our dedicated solicitors in Oldham are ready to offer tailored counsel and make sure you feel heard and empowered throughout your legal case.

At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we don't just meet legal standards, we value the human element. By combining our extensive knowledge with real compassion, we aim to ease the burdens that often accompany legal proceedings.

The hard work we put into each case and our dedication to the highest level of quality speaks volumes, as seen by the numerous reviews and referrals provided by our past and present clients. Not only this but we are also accredited by esteemed bodies such as Lecel and LawNet.

Our team works tirelessly and is fully committed to offering tailored support for your individual needs. We use modern technologies to streamline operations while maintaining the quality of our work.  From start to finish, our devoted staff goes above and beyond to ensure that your legal case is handled thoroughly and precisely.

Facing legal difficulties can be daunting, but with Bell Lamb & Joynson on your side, you can be certain that your worries are in experienced hands. Trust us as your Oldham solicitors for the constant assistance, direction, and knowledge required to reach a successful solution.


How Our Legal Services Can Help You

With over 200 years of experience, we know what it takes to fight for and defend your rights. With that stated, we have developed safe conditions within our offices so that you can confidently talk openly to us about your legal issue without feeling ashamed.

With a vast range of legal services available, including Wills and Probate, Motor and Road Traffic Law, Conveyancing, Family Law, Criminal Law and Powers of Attorney, deciding which one is ideal for legal issues might be difficult without prior knowledge.

You are not alone in this confusion, which is why we’ve provided clear descriptions of our various legal services to help you better comprehend your options.


Wills and Probate Guidance in Oldham

Dealing with the intricacies of estate planning and inheritance matters requires the expertise of a Wills and Probate specialist. They play an important role in actively drafting wills so that your wishes are accurately documented and legally upheld.

In addition, our solicitors in Wills and Probate actively guide estate administration, probate proceedings, and the implications of inheritance tax to take the weight off your beneficiaries after your decease.

With the support, legal advice and active attention you’ll receive from Bell Lamb & Joynson, you can remain confident that your plans regarding your estate and assets are protected.


Motor and Road Traffic Law Guidance in Oldham

If you're facing legal troubles concerning driving offences or road accidents, our Motor and Road Traffic Law specialists can provide powerful support.

They provide professional guidance and representation by skillfully tackling legal proceedings, including defending against traffic violations, driving under the influence charges, and accidents causing injury or property damage.

With specialised knowledge of traffic laws and procedures, we effectively advocate for your rights and interests, whether this is to reduce penalties, negotiate settlements, or drop all charges completely.

With their expertise, our Motor and Road Traffic Law solicitors strive for the most favourable outcomes on your behalf and guide you through challenging circumstances.


Conveyancing Guidance in Oldham

Our Conveyancing professionals actively facilitate property transfers, offering essential support from beginning to end. Their knowledge ensures that the lengthy legal procedures involved in property transfers go smoothly.

With great care, our solicitors thoughtfully draft and review contracts, conduct property searches, and negotiate terms to protect your interests. Addressing any legal challenges, like property disputes or title defects, they offer expert guidance and a seamless transfer of property ownership.


Family Law Guidance in Oldham

If your legal matter involves family, our experienced Family Law solicitors can help. They play an essential role in offering unbeatable legal aid across various areas, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence issues.

Whether you need assistance with negotiations, drafting agreements, or representing you in court, we are here to fight for your needs and best interests. From experience, we understand that family-related cases can be emotionally challenging, which is why we aim to take some of the stress off you.

For legal aid with Family law, our friendly team is here to understand your needs and make sure you receive fair treatment and resolution in family disputes.


Criminal Law Guidance in Oldham

When confronted with legal proceedings or charges, a Criminal Law specialist becomes an invaluable asset. Our solicitors in Criminal Law ensure a fair and efficient defence while safeguarding your legal rights and representing you in court proceedings.

Our experts in criminal law carefully analyse evidence, construct compelling arguments, and negotiate with prosecutors to attain favourable outcomes, whether through acquittal, reduced charges, or minimised penalties.


Powers of Attorney Guidance in Oldham

Our Powers of Attorney professionals are committed to offering the highest level of assistance as you tackle the legal procedure of delegating authority to designated people. This is especially important when entrusting a third party to manage your finances, handle commercial concerns, or make health-related choices for you.

Our team of specialists in Oldham provides thorough legal advice on drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney, including topics such as health and welfare, property and financial concerns, and business choices.

We also provide Ordinary Powers of Attorney service and advise on Enduring Powers of Attorney. Managing the legalities can be difficult without expert support but with Bell Lamb & Joynson on your side, you can feel more confident in your decisions.


Our Solicitors in Oldham Are Ready to Support You

As one of the oldest and most reputable firms in North West England, we prioritise client satisfaction and ensure that your interests are protected with diligence and professionalism. At Bell Lamb & Joynson, we recognise that legal terminology can be daunting for many clients.

That's why we prioritise clarity and simplicity in our guidance so that everyone can understand their rights and options. As a law firm committed to accessibility, we offer efficient and effective legal assistance across the UK, boasting a strong track record of success.

Our user-friendly Client Area allows you to track the progress of your case, access documents and make payment payments at your convenience, all while providing full transparency throughout. Beyond our client-centric approach, we're dedicated to environmental responsibility and are proud to be a paper-free company.

Our compassionate team is actively involved in charity initiatives and continuously aims to make a positive impact on local communities. If you're seeking a solicitor in Oldham or the Greater Manchester region who offers great service, extensive experience and knowledge dealing with the most difficult cases with genuine care and support, trust Bell Lamb & Joynson.

Get in touch today at or call 0344 412 4348 to connect with our advisors and discuss our variety of legal services. To discuss any criminal-related issues that fall outside of our operation hours, you can also contact our 24/4 line on 0818 196 1790.