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Remortgage Solicitors

Helping you secure your property aims and assets

Our remortgaging solicitors are experienced in all aspects of remortgage conveyancing in England and Wales. We handle property transactions nationwide, specialising in all kinds of property remortgages whether for a home or buy to let property.

Our dedicated and award-winning property team have decades of experience helping homeowners, landlords, investors and developers across Liverpool, Runcorn, Warrington, and the wider North West secure their property ambitions through successful remortgages.

If you are looking at remortgaging your home, a property for a buy to let investment, to buy a second home, to release equity or because you want a better deal, we can assist you.

By working with us, you can expect:

  • Tailored professional support from a team of independently reviewed and highly rated conveyancing lawyers.
  • A friendly, fast and efficient service.
  • A dedicated team who will respond quickly to your emails, calls and queries.
  • A listening ear to reassuringly guide and advise you throughout the process.
  • A modern approach using the most recent conveyancing technology which includes instant updates and case tracking through our own mobile app.
  • A rapid and accurate fixed fee quote available in just 60 seconds.

Our team of remortgaging conveyancing solicitors are here to guide you seamlessly through the remortgaging process with precision, skill and efficiency to mitigate any legal risks, relieving you of the hassle or stress.

Get in touch with our conveyancing solicitors in Liverpool, Runcorn and Warrington

You can obtain an instant fixed fee quote online in just 60 seconds. This is a no obligation quote, so you don’t have to move forwards with us, but we hope it helps you decide about whether we will be the right solicitors to act for you.

You can also contact us directly via our website, call 03444 124348, or drop into one of our offices in Liverpool, Runcorn or Warrington where we will be happy to assist you further.

How our remortgage solicitors can help you

Regardless, of whether you are looking to remortgage a family home or a property investment, we know that such a big single asset deserves to be protected and secured in the best way possible.

When remortgaging your property with us, you and your property assets are in safe and reliable hands with experienced remortgage conveyancing solicitors who you can trust.

We take pride in our high standards of customer service and client communication. By working closely with you and your mortgage lender, we will keep you both informed throughout the process with key stage updates via email, text and through case tracking via our dedicated conveyancing app. You can find out more details about our app on our main conveyancing page.

The types of remortgage conveyancing transactions we can help you with include:

  • Remortgaging your home
  • Remortgaging to buy a second home
  • Buy to let remortgaging
  • Equity release

Over the years, we have attained wide experience working with all banks, building societies and specialist mortgage lenders which means we know how things work and how things get done, quickly and cost effectively.

We will always ensure you are properly advised on your rights and responsibilities before any contracts are signed and agreed, or any transactions take place, so you can have complete confidence that you are taking the correct course of action.

Why choose our remortgaging solicitors?

We have been helping people with their property for over 200 years

Our 200 years of experience means you can have complete confidence, trust and peace of mind in the work we do for you.

Over the years, we have increased our geographical reach, now operating as one of the largest high street solicitors providing remortgaging conveyancing services in the area.

Traditional conveyancers with a modern approach

Using the latest in conveyancing technology, we can now handle property transactions across the whole of England and Wales.

We have received our Cyber Essentials certificate from the government accredited scheme in order to protect ourselves and our clients from cyber-attacks and malware. Our use of modern technology offers a simple, straightforward and seamless experience for you, enabling you to take advantage of:

Read about one of our conveyancer’s thoughts on how we use technology to level up our conveyancing service.

Independently accredited expertise

We have Law Society Quality Conveyancing Scheme accreditation plus we are audited externally in accordance with our membership of LEAP best practice conveyancing scheme by the Centre of Assessment – so you can be confident our work is quality assured.

We are the only firm in Liverpool or North Cheshire with such an independent quality mark for conveyancing services.

We are on all the major lenders’ panels meaning we can act for you and your lender during the process.

Excellent client feedback

Our excellent client feedback record is a testament to us getting it right more often than not. We are ranked number one for housing & property by Review Solicitors for all our local areas in Liverpool, Warrington and Halton (Runcorn) and we are in the top 25 nationally.

Check out our independently verified reviews via Review Solicitors to see what our clients are saying about us.

Get an instant, accurate online conveyancing quote in just 60 seconds

We have always been strong advocates of transparency and, for this reason, we are one of the first UK firms to offer an instant conveyancing quote online. You will find our quotes to be transparent, with no hidden charges or unexpected extra costs.

How remortgaging works

There are various steps that need to be completed as part of the remortgaging process:

  • Requesting a redemption statement from your current lender
  • Remortgage conveyancing checks
  • Reviewing the terms of your new mortgage
  • Preparing the remortgage completion statement
  • Paying off your old mortgage
  • Updating the property title and completing forms for the Land Registry

We can help you with your remortgage conveyancing by acting for both you and your new lender, ensuring all of these steps are completed promptly and correctly.

How remortgaging for leasehold property works

If you are remortgaging a leasehold property, the process will differ slightly to a freehold remortgage because some additional checks will be required by your lender which will include:

  • The need to check the terms of the lease.
  • How the length of time remaining on the lease can impact remortgaging.
  • Checking with the freeholder/their managing agent that ground rent and service charges are paid up to date.
  • Checking with the freeholder/their managing agent on whether there will be any expected increase in ground rent or service charges.
  • Checking that there are no existing disputes between the freeholder and leaseholder
  • Providing notice to the freeholder/their managing agent of the new mortgage lender.
  • Getting a copy of the buildings insurance policy from the freeholder or their managing agent

It is worth noting that due to the extra work and checks involved, a leasehold remortgage may take a little longer than a standard freehold remortgage would.

Remortgaging FAQs

How long does remortgaging take?

You can expect a typical standard freehold remortgage to take between four and eight weeks to complete whereas a leasehold remortgage might take a little longer where extra checks will be needed. However, you can help speed up the process by completing and returning the necessary paperwork, promptly.

We will always be honest and straightforward in our advice to help set reasonable expectations about how long your transaction is likely to take to complete, enabling you to make plans, accordingly.

How much does remortgaging cost?

The cost of your remortgage will depend entirely on the complexity of your property, its value, location, whether it is freehold or leasehold and how many searches need to be done.

In addition to our legal fees for the conveyancing work, there will be other fees to pay such as Land Registry fees to update the records and search fees that will be required by your lender such as local authority, drainage and water and environmental searches.

You can get a rapid fixed fee quote for our remortgage conveyancing services right here, right now.

When is the right time to remortgage?

When your existing mortgage deal is coming to an end, remortgaging could be your best way to find a more favourable interest rate and a better deal.

If you remortgage too early you could run the risk of early redemption charges from your lender, leaving it too late means you could automatically transfer onto your lender’s variable rate, making your mortgage repayments leap up.

Getting the timing right to remortgage can be critical in helping you avoid unnecessary costs, saving you money and securing your property, going forward.

Usually, it is best to start looking well in advance, preferably three or four months before your current deal expires.

Get in touch with our remortgaging solicitors in Liverpool, Runcorn and Warrington

To get a fixed fee quote online takes just 60 seconds. This is a no obligation quote, so you don’t have to move forwards with us, but we hope it helps you decide about whether we will be the right solicitors to act for you.

Alternatively, you can contact us via our website or call 03444 124348 or drop into one of our offices in Liverpool, Runcorn or Warrington where we will be able to assist you further.