How We’re Using Technology to Improve the Conveyancing Process for Our Clients

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How We’re Using Technology to Improve the Conveyancing Process for Our Clients

They say that getting married and buying a house are the two most stressful experiences of your life, and whilst we can’t do much to help our clients with their wedding planning, we realised that there was something we could do to relieve the stress for them when it came to the conveyancing process.

For our Managing Partner Mike Leeman, adopting the latest technology was the answer to relieving the conveyancing headache.

Mike said: “The process of buying and selling a house can often be a long and stressful one but I’m incredibly passionate about using technology to make the experience more succinct for everyone involved. We’ve rolled out a firm-wide digital strategy that has seen us make changes in a number of departments, but conveyancing is traditionally one of the more paperwork-based services that we offer in line with certain requirements but I’m keen to see that change.”

Surveys are consistently showing that one of the most common sources of stress for people going through the conveyancing process is having to take time out of their own day to chase for information and application updates.

With this in mind, we launched the free to download BLJ mobile app in June, which works alongside our online conveyancing portal. This new case management system means that our clients are able to track their conveyancing application and receive updates 24/7 at a time that’s convenient for them.

It’s been a great success with both existing and new clients since its launch and we’re delighted to have received some great feedback:

“Their system for tracking the progress of my sale was very impressive and easy to use. I received regular updates on progress and any queries I raised were responded to very promptly.”

The second source of stress for conveyancing clients is having to prove their funds and identity. As Mike says: “Our role as conveyancing solicitors requires us to verify clients’ ID, proof of address and obtain 6 months’ worth of bank statements in order to sign off the relevant paperwork. We find that this is often one of the reasons for delays in completion, with clients having to mail their documents or make the time to come into our branch, often whilst they are juggling other important commitments such as work or childcare.”

With the help of legal tech software company Thirdfort, we’ve been able to offer an innovative solution to the issue. Via a simple to use mobile app, clients are able to verify their identity and source of funds in a few simple steps. This means that a process that usually takes up to three weeks to complete can now be done in a matter of minutes by clients, at time of day that suits them. Thirdfort will help to enhance the customer journey and improve our relationship with clients, which is something that we really value as a firm.

Our conveyancing department will prompt clients to download the app, which using state-of-the-art AI technology, will verify their identity using images of their ID along with a short video and photo. As well as this, clients can link their bank account for instant access to the last 12 months’ worth of bank statements.

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