Getting an Instant Conveyancing Quote – Liverpool -Runcorn – Merseyside – Cheshire

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Getting an Instant Conveyancing Quote – Liverpool -Runcorn – Merseyside – Cheshire

Comparing Quotes for conveyancing is a complicated business.  You google conveyancing quotes using search terms like conveyancing solicitors Liverpool, Conveyancing Solicitors Runcorn,  Instant conveyancing quote Liverpool and conveyancing quotes Cheshire. Either way you are likely to find a service offering a price comparison or service offering you quotes from multiple solicitors.  These are akin to the price comparison sites like go compare and money supermarket. What does that mean for the consumer?  Well simply put, it means that the comparison company is likely to be receiving commission.  That cost inevitability going to be passed onto the consumer so are you really getting a quote which is the best value for money?  Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will actually get an immediate quote, instead having to wait for a number of firms to contact you to provide a quote.

Similarly you may come across a number of local solicitors via you search.  They ask you to fill out a contact form or phone them for a quote (during business hours).  We all lead busy lives and are used to having information and prices for things in a few clicks.  We often don’t have time to speak to someone during traditional business hours  9-5 Monday to Friday.  Evenings and weekends are so much better to be able to shop around.

Occasionally, some solicitors or licensed  conveyancers may have an online tool.  Often they are complicated and even then they have messages like ‘Due to the recent announcement regarding Stamp Duty (22/11/17). If you are a First-Time Buyer please call us on xxx for a quote while we update our system’ meaning quotes are not available to everyone.  Even if you do manage to get a quote it's still quite hard to work out what you are paying as there are often hidden extras such as file storage charges, case management system charges which are often labelled as disbursements rather then costs.

We at Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors do things differently.  We may be one of the oldest solicitors firms in Liverpool but we are also incredibly forward thinking.  We have an online quoting tool that is simple to use.  It takes less than a minute, by answering a few simple questions to get an instant quote, presented to you on screen for our conveyancing services.  It is always up to date and always accurate.  For example, when stamp duty changes were announced on the 22nd of November 2017 are tool was updated the very next day.  If you try it, and obtain a quote you will see a simply presented price for your legal work, any stamp duty due, searches that will be required and a nominal administration fee which are disbursements for utilising online search providers, electronic identity checks.  When you consider that many conveyancers will charge up to £75 for your stamp duty submission to the inland revenue and ours is included in our costs you will see that our quotes are easy to follow and transparent.   This makes us really easy to compare against other quotes you may have.

And what if you instruct us?  Well you can do this online by a press of a button and we take care of the rest.  Its that simple.

If you do instruct us then you are getting the benefit of a firm with nearly 200 years experience of helping people move home.  A firm which is Law Society endorsed and a member of the quality conveyancing scheme.  A firm that is on all the lender panels meaning we can act for your lender as well as you during the transaction.  Finally a firm, which is independently and externally  audited for quality and client care every 3 months.  We know of no other solicitor in Liverpool or  Runcorn let alone Merseyside  or Cheshire who  has such a external quality assurance mark by way of LEAP best practice.  We also encourage all our clients to leave online feedback  about  the service they received via review solicitors, an independent review service so you know you are getting genuine verified reviews from previous clients of this firm.

Finally, you will hopefully see by the nature of our online quoting and instruction system that we have invested heavily in Information Technology supported by independent assessment to ensure we can provide a service to our clients which is second to none.  After all, for nearly 200 years our practice has been based upon recommendation and returning clients.  That in its self speaks volumes.

So what have you got to lose?  If you are moving home or remortgaging then in under a minute you can get  a quick, easy and no obligation quote, even if its 2am on a Sunday Morning and even instruct us to act whilst most other conveyancing solicitors are fast asleep!  Even if you have a quote already from one or several different conveyancers then our process is so quick and painless it may be to your benefit to get just one more!

You can of course still phone us if you prefer.

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