Why Might You Need a Family Law Solicitor?

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Why Might You Need a Family Law Solicitor?

There are many reasons why you might need a family law solicitor, as we all know that family life is not smooth sailing and there are moments in life when you need the helping hand of a solicitor to make difficult times easier and smoother. Family law covers a vast amount of areas, from divorce and child custody, to wills and injunction proceedings, plus much more. Many of these family issues can have a traumatic effect on each member of the family, so we aim to take complex and traumatic issues and find a resolution through legal support to help the family move on. Not all aspects of family law lead to a court proceeding as our role is to a find solution before this stage, but if needed we are also here to represent you through court.

Here are some aspects of family law that we deal with.

Divorce and Separation

Certificate of Divorce

Separating from your spouse or partner can be a difficult and complex time both emotionally and financially. Our team of family law solicitors deal with divorce and separation sensitively and speedily so you’re able to move on with the next part of your life.

Our specialties in this area include:

  • Separation of married couples, co-habiting couples and civil partners.
  • Divorce of married couples and dissolution of civil partnerships.
  • All aspects of financial dispute on separation or divorce, including emergency applications to protect assets.

If the communication has broken down between you and your spouse or partner then you need a family law solicitor who can do the communication for you in a professional and amicable way. On some occasions an agreement can be met easily and you may need a family law solicitor to implement the legalities of divorce. In other circumstances when communication has broken down, the relationship is hostile and an agreement cannot be met, you need a legal professional who is on your side and can guide you through the complexities of the law and find a solution that suits you.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce or separation you will need the help and support of a family law solicitor at some point.

Child Custody


In many cases, divorce often leads to another legal battle of child custody which can be heartbreaking for the entire family and can have a negative impact on the children if not treated sensitively and dealt with efficiently to minimise the effects.

Our specialities in this area include:

  • Private law matters concerning children – e.g residence, contact, specific issue, prohibited steps, parental responsibility guardianship.
  • Specialist mediation service both in relation to children and/or finances on relationship breakdown.

We offer support, guidance and mediation to come to an agreement about the child’s residency and parental responsibility. Specialist mediation is a great way of building the relationship between parents in a calm manner for the sake of the children, if this has previously broken down. A family law solicitor will provide you with support and inform you of your legal rights and responsibilities. We can also help you in coming to a legal agreement about contact and access.

Family Wills

My Last Will

It is always wise to create a will to ensure that your property, finances and belongings are distributed where you have wished them to go. If you have children a will is vital so arrangements can be made if both parents pass away. We understand that creating a will can be time consuming and stressful which is why employing a family law solicitor to help with the process of drawing a will is always a good idea. It not only saves you stress and time, it also helps your loved ones after you pass.

We will give you legal advice and guidance throughout the will process and by employing a solicitor to do this for you the complexities of will writing are simplified such as Inheritance Tax, you can guarantee there are no mistakes and the original will be stored safely.

Other Aspects of Family Law That BLJ Solicitors Can Help With

There are so many more aspects to family law including adoption, domestic violence and property rights. As well as all of the above we also offer:

  • Cohabitation agreements/advice about holding property for cohabiting couples.
  • Public law matters concerning children – eg applications by Local Authorities for care orders, supervision orders, emergency protection orders, applications for contact to children who are in care – and representing parents or other carers at conferences and meetings with Social Services both before and after proceedings.
  • Pre-nuptial and separation agreements.
  • Domestic violence and injunction proceedings.

If You Need a Family Law Solicitor Contact BLJ Solicitors

Family law is just one of our specialities, and with a whole team of family law solicitors, assistant solicitors, trainee solicitors, clerks and other support staff, you can guarantee that you will receive expert and professional legal support, advice and guidance on a whole host of family issues.

We aim to resolve your case quickly in a sensitive, professional and calm manner that helps you now and in the long term. Whatever your case, make the first step to your resolution by speaking to our legal professionals here at BLJ Solicitors. You can visit one of our offices in Runcorn, Warrington and Liverpool or contact us directly by calling 03444 124348.

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