UK Emergency Alert Sunday 23rd April – Advice if You Are in A Domestically Abusive Relationship

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UK Emergency Alert Sunday 23rd April – Advice if You Are in A Domestically Abusive Relationship

The UK Government is set to test its new emergency phone alerts public warning system for the first time on Sunday 23 April at 3 pm.

The alerts are designed to warn people of major incidents, including natural disasters, public health emergencies, and terrorist attacks. The trial will involve sending a test message to all compatible mobile phones throughout the UK.

The alert system has been developed in response to the increasing frequency of major incidents and the need to communicate vital information quickly and effectively. The system will use cell broadcast technology, which enables messages to be sent to all mobile phones within a specific area, rather than just those subscribed to a particular network.

In the event of a major incident, the system will enable the government to communicate vital information to the public quickly and effectively, potentially saving lives. It will also enable the public to take appropriate action to protect themselves and their loved ones.

UK Emergency Alerts – What this means if you are in an abusive relationship?

Domestic abuse and refuge charities have expressed concerns that many victims of domestic abuse may have secret mobile devices that they hide from their perpetrators to keep safe.

The concern is that the loud noise of the emergency alert could expose a victim of domestic abuse by revealing a second or hidden phone to their abuser which could potentially place them in danger.  To address this issue, the government has made it possible for people to opt out of receiving messages.

How to turn off the alerts

To turn off the alerts, users can go to their phone's settings and look for the "Emergency or Extreme Alerts" option. From there, they can choose to turn off the alerts altogether or select which types of alerts they want to receive.

If you cannot change this setting, you need to contact your device manufacturer for help.

For further advice visit the UK Government website here.

If you suffer from domestic abuse and are concerned for your safety, we are here for you. Please call us on 03444 124348 for more information, or call your local domestic violence helpline, or Refuge on their 24-hour National Domestic Abuse freephone helpline on 0808 2000 247, or call the police.


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