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High Profile Murder Cases

Bell Lamb & Joynson are one of the most experienced and established criminal defence solicitors in the North West and their reputation sees them appointed as defence lawyers for a number of high profile murder cases that make national news. 

Everyone deserves the right to justice and the best possible legal representation to guide them through the legal process that lays ahead. 

We understand the complexity and sensitivity surrounding high-profile murder cases. Our team of astute solicitors are dedicated to providing unparalleled legal representation for clients facing serious charges. 

We adopt a strategic approach. Using our skills and experience to handle high-profile cases that often attract public interest and media attention. We leverage our understanding of criminal law, the justice system and previous case law to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. 

Ensuring that our clients understand the process and that them and their family are provided with compassionate, non-judgemental support throughout is a core value of our team. 

We have a proven track record of success in defending clients facing murder charges, securing favourable outcomes, reduced sentences and re-trials. We understand the importance of discretion and ensure that the highest standard of confidentiality are held throughout the legal process. 

Over our years of working in the criminal law sector, we have developed strong relationships with experts in various fields, including barristers, forensic specialists, investigators, psychologists and counsellors. Working collaboratively with these experts ensures that we can provide clients with additional support. 

Examples of Cases: 

  • R v Scarlett Jenkinson – In the murder of Brianna Ghey 
  • R v Mark Mckeefry – in the murder of Michael Moss – Labelled as the reservoir dog's murder  
  • R v Daniel Smith – Organised crime double shooting
  • R v Kevin Morrison – In the murder of pensioner Alice Rye extensively featured on BBC’s crime watch
  • R v Jan Painter – Acquitted of murdering her husband on basis of diminished responsibility due to PMS
  • R v Ion – Acquittal of Murder  
  • R V Sylvia Hallam – Acquitted of Murdering her husband but convicted of manslaughter
  • R V John McMinn – Acquitted of Murder but convicted of Manslaughter
  • R  v Wally Hodgkinson – Acquitted of Murder but convicted of Manslaughter  
  • R v  Dietschmann – Leading case taken to House of Lords over the issue of alcohol and drugs with diminished responsibility
  • R v Dunbavand – In the murder of his partner


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This includes if you have been invited for a voluntary interview under caution – these interviews are not casual chats. Instead, ask to call Bell Lamb & Joynson as soon as possible.