BLJ Solicitors Dispels the ‘Divorce Day’ Myth

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BLJ Solicitors Dispels the ‘Divorce Day’ Myth

The first working Monday in January claims to be the most popular time for couples up and down the country to enquire about divorce proceedings following the festive period.

Despite this, here at Bell Lamb and Joynson we believe that ‘Divorce Day’, as it’s often dubbed, isn’t as significant as you might be led to believe. Having dealt with family matters since our establishment in 1821, we’re looking back at our history of divorce rates to prove that it is, in fact, a misconception.

Partner in the Family Law Department at BLJ Solicitors Suzanne Daley said: “Christmas can often be a testing time for struggling couples putting on a united front to make it through the festivities until the celebrations subside and reality hits. With the new year often comes a new attitude, with the hope of fresh starts making January an unsurprisingly popular time for people to consider ending their marriage. However, as solicitors prepare for an influx of divorce enquiries, in reality it’s not too dissimilar to any other time of the year as far as statistics are concerned.

“Nationwide, January 6 may bring with it high numbers of divorce enquiries however, we anticipate that although it may be a busy time for us in this specific area, it won’t be the busiest day of 2020 based on last year’s figures.

“Divorce rates in the UK are on the rise, with recent studies suggesting that 42% of all marriages sadly don’t last. Within our family law department, we are actually seeing a pattern of consistency throughout the year based on data from 2019 with June, July and November accounting for over 17% of total cases with other months considerably higher. Our busiest time was during May and October, with over 34% of the total volume of annual divorce cases happening in this period. With January and December being our quietest months, we are challenging the media claims around ‘Divorce Day’.

“Although the new year can bring heartbreak for some, getting divorced is a serious legal procedure and often one that requires a lot of thought, time and research. Those who do file for divorce in January will have often sought legal advice prior, with some of the biggest questions often surrounding arrangements regarding children, and what will happen to a marital home and other high value assets.

“It’s because of these issues, among others, that it’s important to seek the right advice and allow yourself enough time to process a divorce emotionally as well as dealing with the legal implications. Our job is to provide the most succinct and sympathetic service that we can to make the process as simple as possible for everyone involved.”

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