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Drink Driving Penalty Calculator

Use this quick online calculator to get an estimate of the sentence you may expect for a drink driving offence.

At Bell Lamb and Joynson, we have created a simple drink driving penalty calculator to use in order to get an estimate of the sentence you may expect for a drink driving offence in line with the drink driving sentencing guidelines.


Are You Facing A Drink Driving Offence?

Should you be receiving a drink driving penalty or you believe that you have perhaps been mistakenly accused of such - our drink driving penalty calculator can assist you towards finding out what you may be facing or if your accusations are deemed inaccurate.

Our specialist drink-driving ban calculator covers the main three areas relating to the evidence gathered - these being:

  1. Breathalyser Tests
  2. Blood Samples
  3. And Urine Samples

Each of these determines whether or not the individual in question was in fact drink driving. Relating to the limit to consume alcohol and how they are presented in each test/sample - these are:

  • Breathalyser Test: 35 micrograms per 100ml of breath
  • Blood Test: 80 Milligrammes per 100ml of blood
  • Urine Test: 107 milligrammes per 100ml of urine

These legal limits equate to the laws around England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Please note, if you have been accused and even convicted of drink driving, pleading guilty is not necessarily your only option - especially should our calculator suggest otherwise.


How Bell Lamb & Joynson Can Help

Should you be facing a drink driving charge, it is imperative that you seek legal aid as soon as possible. At Bell Lamb and Joynson, we are experts in motoring law and road traffic offences. This has granted us the experience to become honest and dependable drink-drive solicitors.

With the guidance of our drink driving offence solicitors, we will help you understand the consequences of the case - serving as your go-to source throughout the entire process. Whether you are aiming to negotiate a plea deal, contest the charges or seek to obtain an understanding of your right and obligations - you will be assigned a qualified expert who will help you to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you require additional information following the completion of our drink driving penalty calculator, please contact us - we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Please call 03444 124348 for advice.

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