The hidden consequences of England’s Euro Final loss

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The hidden consequences of England’s Euro Final loss

By Kelsey Faulkner

During the World Cup in 2018, the National Centre for Domestic Violence ran a national awareness campaign with the headline ‘If England gets beaten, so will she’. Research shows that domestic abuse surges by 38% following the loss of a match.

After the surge of domestic abuse campaigns pointing the finger at the match itself, is important to note that the only real cause of domestic violence, is the perpetrator of that violence.

Common signs of domestic abuse include but are not limited to:

  • Jealousy and possessiveness,
  • Control over finances and / or personal items such as a mobile phone or medication,
  • Dramatic changes in mood,
  • Physical violence,
  • Verbal abuse.

Local Councils are issuing warnings about domestic violence, urging victims to seek help following England’s loss at the Euro Final on Sunday the 11th of June.

How to keep safe:

  • Contact specialist support:
    Domestic abuse helpline: 0808 802 3333
    24 hr Refuge helpline: 0808 2000 247,
  • Contact the police if you are in danger, 999 for an emergency situation or 101 to report previous incidents of abuse,
  • Keep a record so you can gather evidence of dates, times and save any abusive messages,
  • Know your rights and options: it is important to find out about your legal rights and options available, including injunctions and occupation orders, where the Bell Lamb & Joynson family team can help and advise you in obtaining an order to safeguard you from any further abuse.

We know victims often suffer in silence for a long time. There will often be multiple incidents of abuse suffered before a victim seeks help, and victims are further frightened of the potential consequences of professional involvement.

There are however ways to protect victims through the utilisation of the Family Court, and services available to help victims locate safe accommodation.

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