Join Conveyancing Paralegal Tiffany on her Training Contract Journey

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Join Conveyancing Paralegal Tiffany on her Training Contract Journey

At Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors, we are strong advocates of supporting the next generation of legal professionals in their careers; something that’s been front and centre throughout our 200-year history. With apprenticeship opportunities, entry level employment and support with career progression, some of our longest serving team mates have been with us for decades and we’ve seen a number of promotions over the years.

The latest team member to embark on a training contract is Conveyancing Paralegal Tiffany Priam. We recently caught up with Tiffany to find out more about what this means to her and her future as a fully qualified solicitor within our firm.

Can you tell us a bit about your career journey so far?

I started on my career very young and undertook work experience in local firms as a teenager. During my university years I continued to do this alongside working with the Anthony Walker Foundation - I was the first ever student to be awarded the Anthony Walker Foundation Bursary.

I helped set up the LJMU Legal Clinic and worked there throughout my years studying at the university before graduating from my law degree in 2016 which is when I began working in a Liverpool law firm full-time. I also attended night school to complete the LPC 2016 – 2018.

I have been at Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors for almost three years and am delighted to now have my Training Contract which will allow me to achieve my life long career ambitions as a fully qualified solicitor.

What does the training contract mean to you?

It is something that I have always been passionate about; in fact, the reason I chose a career in law at a very young age was to help people. Growing up I fell in love with law because of its ability to progress individuals and society as a whole, helping people in situations most of us cannot even imagine being in. Slavery was at one point legal. Being a homosexual was illegal. The law has the power to change so much.

Through law we are able to break through barriers and in my view, it has the ability to bring entire communities and movements together. I know the importance of giving back and you do not always have to have a paid job to do so. I have volunteered in my home town since I was 10 years old, and I continued my volunteering work in to my adult years.

What does the training contract involve?

For those that maybe aren’t familiar with what’s involved in a training contract, you have to take ‘seats’ in different areas of law over a two-year period, and each seat is a six-month duration. It is designed to give you experience in different areas of law.

You create a work portfolio as you go along, and this is reviewed by your LPC ‘Principle’ (Partner of the firm) monthly as you work towards being fully qualified.

What are your ambitions in the next two years once you’ve completed the training?

I hope to practice and be an asset to Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors in all of the areas of law I take my seats in.

How has the firm supported you in your professional development so far?

Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors has provided courses, access to webinars, CQS training and of course, now they have granted me the opportunity to become a trained solicitor. They have also helped me on a personal level as well as a professional one. There is always someone to talk to here.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start a career in law?

Get as much experience as you can – it’s never too early to network and get your name out there!

What do you enjoy most about working with Bell Lamb & Joynson?

The door is always open. The support is there for you to grow as a professional. We work as a team and hard work does not go unnoticed.

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