Innovation Day at Bell Lamb & Joynson

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Innovation Day at Bell Lamb & Joynson

Whenever an organisation encourages its team to create and implement new ways of working, that is an example of innovation at its best.

Innovation has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years, but we believe it is vital in our day-to-day operations to empower the people that we work with to look at their roles and see what could be done differently.

That’s why we’re using Innovation Day (February 16th) to recognise all of the ways we have modernised and evolved as a business in our 201-year history. We are continuously inspired to keep looking forward for opportunities to shape our future processes, and our success and longevity are an indication of just how important it is to pursue innovation and ingenuity.

We’ve attracted clients, won awards, and received fantastic feedback on our approach, and we like to think it’s because we don’t shy away from innovation in favour of doing things in a way that have always been done. This is most obvious in our adoption of technology.

Our implementation of a conveyancing app back in 2016 showed just how ahead of the curve we like to be and has meant that we’ve been able to create a client journey that is smooth, straight forward and stress free. It enables clients to track their case development from start to finish, giving them the freedom to view all of their documents in one place and easily communicate with our team members.

More recently, since the start of the pandemic, our commitment to innovative technology has meant that 97% of service users completed instruction forms and property information forms entirely electronically, making the process much more efficient.

This journey to find new ways of doing things is ongoing and we never allow for complacency.

We review each stage of our interactions with clients to discover areas of service improvement, asking those who have used us to score various stages of their case progression to provide us with invaluable feedback on our approachability, value for money, knowledge, initial impression, professionalism, and overall service.

This customer satisfaction process is dealt with painlessly via our mobile phone app, and we have received over 6,000 pieces of client feedback – with over 75% of clients engaging in this process. The feedback we gain from this allows the teams to regularly challenge themselves to seek improvement and think outside the box.

Innovation is essential to thriving businesses because if teams are given the space and support to develop, it provides momentum to keep them pushing forward and growing.

Creativity is thinking about new things, but innovation is actually making them happen and we are proud to say that both our team and clients are feeling the benefit of what we are doing.

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