A Day in the Life Of…. A Trainee Solicitor

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A Day in the Life Of…. A Trainee Solicitor

Talitha Shandley is a Trainee Solicitor in our Wills & Probate Department at Bell Lamb & Joynson. She joined us in 2022 as a Paralegal and is completing the final stages of her qualification to become a Solicitor. Talitha shares an insight into a typical day in the life of a trainee solicitor, working in a busy Wills & Probate department…

Every day and week is different in Wills and Probate, which is why I enjoy it! There are many factors which can affect private client work such as time of year, current affairs or even new tv programmes! In the Summer months, we are busy with Wills & Powers of Attorney in particular.

Morning: Coffee and Probate!

Today, I started my day by making a hot drink, checking through emails and most importantly, my diary for the week. Diaries can change quite quickly with new appointments being added, so it’s good to check at the start and end of each day.

As a team, we split our time between offices and today I was in Maghull. I blocked out my diary to do some probate work. Probate is the process that people often go through following the death of a loved one, it involves obtaining initial information, applying to the court for a grant of probate and thereafter distributing the estate. Probate files are ongoing and can take approximately 12-18 months to complete, depending on the estate. I have some probate matters that are close to completion and so I spent the morning arranging final estate accounts ready for client approval.

Lunch Time: Client Stories

The middle of my day involved client appointments at the office, a mix of Wills and Powers of Attorney. I enjoy sitting down with clients because every scenario is so different and requires a variety of skills. I often hear some interesting life stories and learn a few things myself too! Following the appointments, I always prepare initial engagement letters and get them sent straight to the client(s). I will also complete an attendance note and general file admin.  We usually see the clients again two weeks later, to execute their documents.

Afternoon: Pushing My Comfort Zone

Next, I attended a local afternoon networking group to meet likeminded people and make new business relationships. This is not something I ever thought I’d be able to do (being an introvert at heart) but I am so pleased that I tried it and now, I regularly attend such events. Networking has helped me so much with my confidence and I have made some great connections through attending these groups, they are vital for business development.

Evening: No Down Time for a Triathlon Trainer!

Finally, I finished work for the day and went to the gym. I am currently training for a triathlon, so this helps me stay disciplined! I am also preparing for an exam, related to my training contract and so I will revise for an hour or so before bed.


Hopefully this ‘day in the life’ blog has given aspiring Solicitors a flavour of what life is like during a training contract with a law firm. For more information on careers, work experience and opportunities with Bell Lamb & Joynson, please visit our recruitment page.

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