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Tips For Moving Home

Solicitors tips for moving home

Tips for moving home.

‘Don’t forget the boxes…?’

Ok you got us this isn’t going to be you usual how to guide. We are one of Liverpool’s oldest solicitors after all.

Moving home is stressful. As conveyancing solicitors we have been helping people buy new properties for a long time. And time after time it isn’t moving home that stresses our clients out, it’s the daunting and often under estimated short term financial burden that can have rational people irrationally pulling hairs. So we have outlined a few cost that, if planned for can make moving house the exciting new adventure it should be.

First it should be made clear that costs vary between provider and often it pays to plan rather than skimp. Very often you get what you pay for… do you really want risk a setback on what, for most people, is biggest financial investment they will ever make for the sake of saving a few pounds?

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Right To Buy Mortgage Compensation

right to buy compensationIf you bought a council house on the right to buy scheme you may well be able to claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

Several mortgages in the Kirkby area are now under investigation. If you believe you have been mis-sold a right to buy mortgage you may well want to contact our legal team.

Here are some key indicators to look at:

  • Is you right to buy mortgage higher than the value of your home?
  • Did you receive an unprofessional or poor service?
  • Was you informed how right to buy mortgage could affect your benefits?
  • Are you struggling to make repayments on you mortgage?
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Estate agents might hold the key to a new dawn in the property sector

conveyancing liverpool

The government offers announced plans to modernise the customer approach to real estate to ensure smoother conveyancing procedures.

In its suggestion on boosting market competition to assist consumers and companies, the government has pointed to analysis which shows house buyers incur expenses of around £270m every year when their dealings fall through. This extra money was considered spent on lawful fees and surveys with a number of other sales subject in order to costly delays resulting in increased fees. Businesses trying to purchase or sell industrial property are also considered affected. The UK happens to be ranked 45th with regard to registering. property within the World Bank’s Doing Business index and the government thinks improving performance can help unlock more financial growth. The government really wants to analyse the development from the real estate as well as conveyancing markets close to existing regulation, encourage greater innovation within the conveyancing sector, as well as making the lawful process more clear and efficient. Encouraging start-up business models, such because online only estate agents, is key in order to enhance price competition within the real estate field, the government thinks. Online estate companies could give conveyancers the chance to build brand new businesses.

If you would like to know more about Liverpool Conveyancing Solicitors Services please click the link.

Experts early this season have suggested the disruption brought on by the digital growth in other industries might be replicated on the internet by estate agents. Already, virtual agents for example PurpleBricks and eMoov possess cut consumer expenses and made the procedure more efficient. PurpleBricks claims in order to save the average client £4, 572 compared in order to other estate agents as well as conducts 70 percent of its activity when it’s closed. It hopes to float on the stock market within December at close to £250m. The government may publish a demand evidence this year on real estate, exploring options to provide better value and make the knowledge of buying a house more consumer friendly. How do conveyancing solicitors come into play in this new emerging real estate market. Well at BLJ Solicitors we predict the future is bright. Complications so commonly arrive with conveyancing that the ordinary conveyancers are unable to resolve, land disputes and the sale of property after a dviorvce are just two common occurances that come to mind. If you would like to know more about Liverpool Conveyancing Solicitors Services please click here.

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Duty Solicitor Urgently Needed

We are looking to recruit a duty solicitor to join our criminal department.

Our criminal department operates from offices in Merseyside and Cheshire and we can be flexible in terms of location for the successful candidate. We are seeking an individual who is hardworking and ambitious and wanting to join the security of a long established, well respected multidiscipline practice. We offer a generous bonus scheme with genuine carer prospects with clear progression to partnership available. Starting salary is negotiable subject to experience. Please email Mike Leeman for further details.

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Could your divorce be void?

Family Law

Could your divorce be void?

In a recent statement from the minister of Justice Shailesh Vara it has been said that the financial assets of more than 3,600 couples were miscalculated due to an assessment form error and out of these 2,235 closed divorce cases have been affected by the error and as such will need to renegotiate the settlement of their divorce!

The error that will cause so many divorced couple further pain and conflict was found at the end of last year in Form E on the Ministry of Justice’s website. The clerical error left debt off of the automatic calculation of settlements. This fault will not only affect divorce settlements from April 2014 and December 2015 but also settlements from April 2011 to January 2012.

Further investigation into the fault found that out of the 36,527 cases that could have been affected by this fault only roughly 10% (3,638) of cases actually used the calculator and will therefore have been affected. Fortunately, 1,403 cases out of the 3,638 are still open and can have the error corrected without any grievances.

The minister of Justice has instructed the HMCTS to write to all parties in the 2,235 closed cases. In which they express their sincere regret for the error. Receiving one of these letter is surely a harrowing thought with very little saving grace for anyone who has been through a tough divorce. The minister also goes on to say that there will be no court fees for making an application to vary the divorce order.

The slow actions of the ministry of justice suggests that a review more that 6 weeks of resources however, the wider implication of the error are obvious to any specialist family lawyers and has left some solicitors wondering what to them so long to deal with such an urgent matter?

Initially this error may seem like a painful but cost-less issue, as the court fees will be waivered. However, cut-backs to legal aid means that there is no longer legal aid available to people to gain specialist legal advice on this potentially complex issue.


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The Conveyancing Process For Sellers Made Easy

conveyancing liverpoolConveyancing is the complex process of transferring the ownership of your home legally. The process starts with an offer and ends with handing over the precious keys to your former home. If your are thinking of selling your home getting your head around this process now could save you from losing out on countless hours of sleep in future

Who does the process?

A solicitor or conveyancer usually does the conveyancing. If you are struggling on deciding which one to go with take a look at our article: How to find the right solicitor or conveyancer

Get an estate agent and agree upon a sale price, get an evaluation, negotiate and accept an offer. Sounds easy! Obviously it isn’t but this is the process at the very start of conveyancing and is only really the catalyst to begin the conveyancing process.

Now it’s time to find the right conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor. If you are Liverpool based we can suggest a conveyancing solicitor that has been helping their happy clients since 1821. This process would be best to do around the same time as choosing the estate agent you would like to go with. However only instruct them to start work after the sale has been agreed.

At this point your conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer will fill in some questionnaires with you. These questionnaires are really detailed and at it’s here that it really pays to have a conveyancing solicitor or conveyancer with a lot of experience on your side.

  • The 1st of these is the TA6 which is a general questionnaire that includes the likes of boundaries, disputes and complaints (boundaries, noise etc).
  • If you don’t own a freehold then this is the point where you would fill in a TA7 for a leasehold or a TA9 form for a commonhold.
  • Fittings and fixture can be very important to a property and the TA 10 is the form that will explicitly allow you to note which fixture you do and don’t want to include in the property sale.
  • The final form you will have to fill out is the TA 13 this is a very technical form and includes the finalisation details such as the arrangements for handing over keys. It also includes details ensuring the house is free of all mortgages and liabilities.
  • It’s very important that you fill out these forms truthfully and to the best of your knowledge any details that turn out to be non-factual could lead to you being sued for compensation in the future.

From here your conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor draws up a contract, which is then sent to the buyer for approval. However the fun doesn’t stop here negotiations over the contract takes place and can include changes to details such as fixtures, valuation (buyer can ask a surveyor to further evaluate the property). This process can take as little as 7 days but can go on as long as 28 days. During this worrying process it is important to have a conveyancing company or solicitor that will take the extra care to keep you updated on the progress of this process.

Now it’s time to make the contract exchange! But the work isn’t over yet. A buyer and yourself would have an agreed date for exchange. The exchange takes place between solicitors or conveyancers to ensure that both contracts are identical. If the buyer is in a chain then contracts will only be released if everyone in the chain is happy to go ahead. This can sometimes lead to long delays.

Once the contracts have been exchanged they then become legally binding to sell the property and if the buyer does not purchase the property then can take legal action against them and can also keep the deposit. As a seller at this point you can no longer accept an offer or pull out of the sale (with certain acceptations, speak to one of our helpful conveyancing solicitors if you have an enquiry of this nature).

After the exchange you will receive the deposit, which is often 10% of the property price. However you still own the house until the completion and don’t strictly have to move out until the completion date. With a house move being so stressful we recommend that you give yourself enough time to move beforehand and don’t leave this moving until last minute.

Completion is made when the buyer receives the keys from the estate agent. All other spare keys will be left in the house. At this point you or your conveyancing solicitor/conveyancer will receive the remaining part of the property balance and will have to clear any outstanding mortgages on the property.

For more information on conveyancing services, conveyancing solicitors or conveyancing enquiries please take a look at our conveyancing page.



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What all private landlord should know about the regulation changes!

liverpool solicitors

It has now been made mandatory that all private landlords give tenants an energy performance certification, an up to date gas safety certification and a ‘how to rent’ booklet produced by the government, all before serving their section 21 notices. This applies to all tenancies granted after the 1st of Oct 2015. Even more importantly after three years this will apply to all existing assured short-hold tenancies. This is alongside the complex deposit requirements that are currently in place.

The section 21 notice must be served using the mandatory prescribed form. In addition to this there is also new time limits for landlords commencing possession proceedings after serving the s21 notice.

The new regulations protect a tenant that has made complaints about a landlord and as such restricts them from being evicted as a reason. These are however very complicated restrictions and apply to specific complaints about notice being served as a result of tenant’s complaints specifically about the conditions of the property. This is a very complex piece of new regulation and could lead to a lot of trouble for private landlords.

If you are a tenant that has been served a section 21 notice for an existing tenancy or one granted after the 1st October and need some advice do not hesitate to call our 24hour helpdesk. Or if you are a private landlord that needs more detail on the course of action taken to serve a section 21 notice then please get in touch with our team.



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Conveyancing Liverpool – How to find the right solicitor or conveyancer

Liverpool conveyancing

According to recent polls buying and selling a house can be more stressful than divorce! Choosing the wrong law firm or coveyancer to convey your house was amongst the most stressful contributing factors to moving home. In fact 1 in 7 people that were surveyed had dropped out of moving home because of a poor conveyancing service. So here are some key facts that could save you thousands of pounds and countless hours of stress.

Conveyancer or solicitor what’s the difference?

  • A solicitor can offer a full range of legal service and is a qualified lawyer.
  • Licensed conveyancers a members of the council for licensed conveyancers and specialise in just property.
  • Solicitors must be members of the Law Society and have many more years training and experience than a conveyancer.
  • Sometimes conveyancers can be cheaper than solicitors.
  • Want more info on Liverpool conveyancing solicitors Please see here:

What issues can arise?

  • Conveyancing encompasses a lot of paperwork and it is essential that every part of this paperwork be filled out correctly. If the solicitor or conveyancer that you use isn’t diligent in sending off the correct information it can be very costly and time-consuming
  • Customer service is paramount often buyers and sellers want frequent updates. Making sure you find the right solicitor or conveyancer that spends the extra time to communicate with their clients can make the whole process a lot less stressful.
  • Be aware that cheap quotes can often mean cutting corners or hidden cost. Be very wary of quotes that do not itemise all of the charges involved.

 Are online conveyancers worth it?

  • Online conveyancing has grown in popularity recently. Online conveyancing companies sell their service strictly through a web presence and often have call centres to deal with any offline conversations.
  • Economies of scale means that often you can speak to 2-3 different conveyancers will deal with your quote. This can lead to poor customer service and mixed experiences.
  • You will never get a personalised service as it is all be over the phone or via email. However this also mean that you can check the progress frequently, as you may have access to an online system.
  • If this is the route you chose you must be aware that often websites pose as online conveyancing services but are in fact just price comparison website for the cheapest deal around.
  • Unlike a solicitor, online conveyancers cannot deal with any complex legal situations.

Using a solicitor rather than conveyancer?

Here are a few times when you should be absolutely sure to use a solicitor rather than a just a conveyancer:

  • If a lease extension is part of the purchase
  • If there is a dispute over boundaries
  • If both sellers are getting divorced
  • If there is any issue out side of property law.

What if you are getting a mortgage?

  • Be aware that mortgage lenders often only deal with certain solicitors and conveyancers, those of whom are on their panel, this is a privilege that is usually paid for.
  • Often if you do not want to pay for a solicitor on their panel often you may have to pay a bank’s representative fee. Costs for this varies from bank to bank but is usually no more than £200. However some banks such as Halifax offer this service for free.

Should I use the conveyancer my estate agent recommended?

  • Be sure to shop around, estate agents often earn hundreds of pounds commission for recommending conveyancers.

If you would like to see more information on Liverpool conveyancing services Please see here:




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Liverpool Solicitors News: Election Result Clears the Way for Inheritance Tax Reform

Fewer people than before will be made to pay Inheritance Tax under changes that are set to be introduced under our recently elected Government.

The Conservative Party had pledged in their election manifesto to increase the threshold for Inheritance Tax from £325,000 to 1 million. They had fought the 2010 election making a similar proposal, but this had to be dropped when they signed into a coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats.

Now that an overall majority has been secured, the Prime Minister has the authority to implement the changes. He stated “you want to know that even after you are gone, when you are not on the phone and not physically there, you can still provide for your children.” as backup as to why he wants to act upon inheritance.

It has long been said that Inheritance Tax, introduced in 1986; needed to be reformed. It was originally aimed at Britain’s wealthiest residents. The rising cost of house prices meant that an increasingly large number of families with modest- size estates were hit by the 60% levy.

If the threshold is to be raised, there will be clear implications for estate planning as only the largest will still be eligible to pay the tax.

Ministers have said they will fund the new arrangements by removing the top rate of pension tax relief.

Here at your local Liverpool Solicitors we can provide specialist advice to individuals regarding protecting your wealth and assets for the future.

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Liverpool Employment Law Update: Post-Election News

Laws concerning employment were hot topic in the run up to the May 2015 General Election. With so many plans and promises being discussed, let’s go through what the most likely outcomes are now that the Conservatives are here for the next five years. It is much easier to try to work out what legislation will be likely to be implemented by the party  now that we have already had five years of their Government but some areas of policy do still remain vague.

Zero Hour Contracts

Rightfully a cause for concern and debate, zero hour contracts were the subject of much scrutiny and disdain. Labour had wanted to introduce much stricter controls involving a requirement that employees working regular hours for more than 12 weeks would have a right to a regular contract although this wasn’t something that the Conservative party were in favour of. They took the view that there were many people in this country who would welcome the opportunity to work flexible hours. Legislation is expected however to ban what is known as exclusivity clauses, that currently prevent people in zero hour contracts from seeking work with other businesses to boost their employment hours.

Minimum Wage

An ongoing area of interest in the UK is minimum wage. This time, the Conservatives haven’t made any specific promises other than they want to see an increase to the National Minimum Wage. The party has accepted recommendations that the wage rise to £6.70 this autumn. Predictions based on the rate of increase thus far, would project that the rate will have reached £8 an hour by the end of the decade.

The Pay Gap

The Conservatives plan to make sure that companies with over 250 employees publish figures showing the differences between the average pay of male and female employees.

Employment Tribunals

Labour wanted to call for the fees introduced by the coalition but the Conservatives didn’t address the issue in their manifesto. It isn’t thought that they have any plans to repeal any of the changes that they previously introduced. The retaining of the system is something that would be welcomed by the business community who believe that the fees have stopped employees from pursuing claims.

Industrial Action and Strikes

The business secretary Sajid Javid has signalled that he is going to push ahead with plans that will make it more difficult to strike. Under proposals to tighten up strike laws, public sector strikes would be illegal unless at least 40% of eligible staff vote in favour of the action and there is a turn- out of at least 50%.

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