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What all private landlord should know about the regulation changes!

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It has now been made mandatory that all private landlords give tenants an energy performance certification, an up to date gas safety certification and a ‘how to rent’ booklet produced by the government, all before serving their section 21 notices. This applies to all tenancies granted after the 1st of Oct 2015. Even more importantly after three years this will apply to all existing assured short-hold tenancies. This is alongside the complex deposit requirements that are currently in place.

The section 21 notice must be served using the mandatory prescribed form. In addition to this there is also new time limits for landlords commencing possession proceedings after serving the s21 notice.

The new regulations protect a tenant that has made complaints about a landlord and as such restricts them from being evicted as a reason. These are however very complicated restrictions and apply to specific complaints about notice being served as a result of tenant’s complaints specifically about the conditions of the property. This is a very complex piece of new regulation and could lead to a lot of trouble for private landlords.

If you are a tenant that has been served a section 21 notice for an existing tenancy or one granted after the 1st October and need some advice do not hesitate to call our 24hour helpdesk. Or if you are a private landlord that needs more detail on the course of action taken to serve a section 21 notice then please get in touch with our team.



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