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Conveyancing Liverpool – How to find the right solicitor or conveyancer

Liverpool conveyancing

According to recent polls buying and selling a house can be more stressful than divorce! Choosing the wrong law firm or coveyancer to convey your house was amongst the most stressful contributing factors to moving home. In fact 1 in 7 people that were surveyed had dropped out of moving home because of a poor conveyancing service. So here are some key facts that could save you thousands of pounds and countless hours of stress.

Conveyancer or solicitor what’s the difference?

  • A solicitor can offer a full range of legal service and is a qualified lawyer.
  • Licensed conveyancers a members of the council for licensed conveyancers and specialise in just property.
  • Solicitors must be members of the Law Society and have many more years training and experience than a conveyancer.
  • Sometimes conveyancers can be cheaper than solicitors.
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What issues can arise?

  • Conveyancing encompasses a lot of paperwork and it is essential that every part of this paperwork be filled out correctly. If the solicitor or conveyancer that you use isn’t diligent in sending off the correct information it can be very costly and time-consuming
  • Customer service is paramount often buyers and sellers want frequent updates. Making sure you find the right solicitor or conveyancer that spends the extra time to communicate with their clients can make the whole process a lot less stressful.
  • Be aware that cheap quotes can often mean cutting corners or hidden cost. Be very wary of quotes that do not itemise all of the charges involved.

 Are online conveyancers worth it?

  • Online conveyancing has grown in popularity recently. Online conveyancing companies sell their service strictly through a web presence and often have call centres to deal with any offline conversations.
  • Economies of scale means that often you can speak to 2-3 different conveyancers will deal with your quote. This can lead to poor customer service and mixed experiences.
  • You will never get a personalised service as it is all be over the phone or via email. However this also mean that you can check the progress frequently, as you may have access to an online system.
  • If this is the route you chose you must be aware that often websites pose as online conveyancing services but are in fact just price comparison website for the cheapest deal around.
  • Unlike a solicitor, online conveyancers cannot deal with any complex legal situations.

Using a solicitor rather than conveyancer?

Here are a few times when you should be absolutely sure to use a solicitor rather than a just a conveyancer:

  • If a lease extension is part of the purchase
  • If there is a dispute over boundaries
  • If both sellers are getting divorced
  • If there is any issue out side of property law.

What if you are getting a mortgage?

  • Be aware that mortgage lenders often only deal with certain solicitors and conveyancers, those of whom are on their panel, this is a privilege that is usually paid for.
  • Often if you do not want to pay for a solicitor on their panel often you may have to pay a bank’s representative fee. Costs for this varies from bank to bank but is usually no more than £200. However some banks such as Halifax offer this service for free.

Should I use the conveyancer my estate agent recommended?

  • Be sure to shop around, estate agents often earn hundreds of pounds commission for recommending conveyancers.

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