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Criminal Law

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With a large and vastly experienced Criminal Department we can help defend any criminal matter from simple shoplifting or routine Public Order cases to serious allegations of murder, rape and robbery. We are members of the Serious Fraud Panel and can deal with serious fraud cases and other cases that are considered as VHCC (Very High Cost Cases). We have three Higher Court Advocates who are able to undertake all types of work in the Crown Court.

We provide specialist 24 hour Police Station representation FREE OF CHARGE to anyone arrested at any Police Station in England and Wales 365 days of the year. To be arrested or asked to attend a Police Station for interview is not only a stressful ordeal but is often the most important part of any criminal prosecution. What is said at that time to the police may be a key in terms of a “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict. It is often wrongly suggested that in asking for the services of a Solicitor at the Police Station it will extend the period of detention.

Our representative will always be with you within 45 minutes and usually considerably less. Furthermore, once a request for a Solicitor has been made we will ensure that the Police or investigative authority acts with all diligence in speeding up the investigation process. The fact is asking for a Solicitor at the Police Station could not only save you a criminal conviction at Court, but also shorten your period of detention at the Police Station.

This service is FREE OF CHARGE.


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On a daily basis our specialist and highly respected team of Criminal Advocates appear in the Magistrates and Crown Courts across Merseyside and Cheshire (and any other Court in England and Wales as and when required) providing quality presentation of your case. We deal with all types of case both in the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court and Court of Appeal. We are able to manage your case from start to finish providing expert preparation of the case before your Court appearance and high class advocacy in Court. If you require representation in Court please contact BLJ Solicitors without delay.

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